Do You Have Alabama Land For Sale?

After browsing my site, I hope you realize my intentions in selling my Alabama land versus others who simply have their property for sale.  What is the difference?

The difference is that you can drive a short distance and notice the many properties that are for sale. You could also, with some digging, find those that have actually sold.  Usually, the only significant difference between those for sale and those that have sold is the PRICE!  In this market, for the most part, if someone truly wants to SELL, they must lower their prices and that is exactly what I’ve done.  Having been a real estate investor for 25+ years has helped some too. But if you really want to sell, lower your prices!

Another major factor to consider is TIME. And CONTACTS equals time!  Therefore, in the real estate world you can never have too many contacts.  Like most worth their salt in this field, I have many contacts!  Therefore, if I come across an Alabama property for sale and it’s priced right,  I may very well purchase the property then turn right around and sell it to one of my prospects or one of my contact’s prospects. Or I may make a deal with the seller using an “Option.”  The end result is the seller getting an agreed amount at, hopefully for all considered, an expedited time and the buyer being equally satisfied.

Additionally, if plausible and at my sole discretion, I have the resources and will use them to improve a property.  How?  By taking out the undesirable and adding those important finishing touches, such as food plots and shooting houses that can be essential to making a sale!  No earth moving, heavy equipment to permanently alter a property will be used.  Only light machinery to optimize a property’s usage to help expedite a sale will be considered.  This will be at my expense and if a sale does not occur, there will be NO expense to the seller!  This is an example of the measures that I am willing to take, to make sales!  Do you know of another?  I don’t.

If you have Alabama land for sale and you want it SOLD sooner than later, and like what you see on my site, contact me!  If we come to an agreement, I assure you I will immediately contact all of my prospects and contacts. Then I will market, advertise and work as hard as any, and harder than most, to move your property as quickly as possible in a most professional manner!  However, I will only invest my time, money and resources in a very realistic goal.  So, if you want to put your property on the market in the hopes of one day selling at a premium, then I encourage you to look elsewhere. For I am strictly out to sell land and am not one to simply put land up for sale. I receive nothing for that and neither would you.  So, with that being said and understood, I sincerely hope to hear from you in the very near future!  Simply enter your details in the contact form and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Best regards,

Christopher Whitley